AVANAS is a multi-protocol, file and block storage solution with enterprise level features like WORM, Data Protection and Replication. AVANAS is managed by a web-based console that is specially fine tuned for a storage system and enables configuring functions like storage allocation, filesharing, backup/recovery, User Management, etc. very easy. It comes pre-installed and works out-of-the-box with a minimal initial setup.

AVANAS is a unified storage system and allows using NAS (NFS, CIFS) as well as SAN (FC, iSCSI) together in a single operation system combined with excellent price performance value, enhanced management and superior reliability to organizations of all sizes.

AVANAS comes with a 64 bit Operating System that is built for scalability, high performance and supports industry standard protocols. It is specially built for converting a standard storage system in to a Unified Storage Appliance.


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